Storming the Bastille with the Bourgeoise

10,500 Foulard Rouges march to the Bastille monument — the green pillar at the end of he street. photo: Kerstin Bachmann

I joined the Foulard Rouges (“Red Scarves”) demonstration in Paris on Sunday Jan 27, along with 10,500 others. Paris is my second home and the violent protests that have rocked this city have been upsetting to me and many of my friends here. The march would be a long-overdo response of the silent majority.

It was billed as an apolitical march for democracy and against violence. “We’re neither pro-Macron nor anti Gilets…

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Tim Ward

Tim Ward


Author, communications expert and publisher of Changemakers Books, Tim is now a full time Mature Flaneur, wandering Europe with Teresa, his beloved wife.