Resilience as a Response to the Coronavirus

A New Series of Books to Build your Resilience

A group of authors has found a unique way to help others in the pandemic: While some people are stitching masks for health workers, donating to food pantries, or shopping for elderly neighbors, John Hunt Publishing (JHP) decided to marshal the wisdom of their best expert authors and create a series of short books focused on the practical, emotional, and psychological skills people need to survive the pandemic. Not blog-post advice, like how social distance, these books focus on the tough life-skills required to create genuine resilience: how to plan and adapt, how to handle anxiety, how to navigate loss.

As publisher of the JHP imprint Changemakers Books, I jumped at this idea, and volunteered to execute the vision. Our aim was to commission ten experts to each write a 20,000 word book in 20 days. It was an audacious request. But with a decade of publishing experience, I knew the right authors to ask. Most of the ones I approached had 30 years or more expertise, plus several books to their name. To my amazement, they all met the deadline. Books were commissioned late March and finished mid April.

Normally it takes about 11 months to go from finished manuscript to published book on a store shelf. Could we produce finished books in two weeks? A big publisher might bring out a hot celebrity memoir in a few months…but ten books? It had never been done before. But we knew people needed the wisdom and practical skills these books contained NOW. The production team delivered, and met a May 1st deadline, which is when we sent books to the printers. The books will be available in paperback ($9.95) and e-book ($4.99) in early May via all online retailers.

The ten books focus on: Adapting and Planning; Aging with Courage; Connecting with Nature; Developing your Inner Strength; Handling Anxiety; The Inner Spiritual Journey; Navigating Loss; The Life-Saving Skill of Story; Working in Virtual Teams; and Communicating at a Distance. We will all need to master these skills in order to survive — and eventually thrive — through the pandemic.

You can find all the books at our new website: — including links to purchase them. In the weeks to follow, I’ll be interviewing each of the ten authors on this blog. For now, you can learn more about them here in this short video.

For more info and media requests, please visit:

Author, communications expert and publisher of Changemakers Books. Recent books: The Master Communicator’s Handbook; Resilience: Virtually Speaking.

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