Bart, thank you for clarifying major misconceptions about the AIIB...I woudl like to add that there are major legitimate envirionmental problems with how rapidly infrastructure is being build in Aisa - including some of what is funded by AIIB. For example, in the rush to build hydrodams (considered green energy) there is very little conisderation of the ecoystem services provided by free flowing rivers - fisheries, agriculture, wildlife tourism. So - could Canada and other AIIB board members play a more effective role preventing destructive infrastructure development? (I await your future article on this supbject!)

Alan, excellent article. You well highlight the difficult balance between motivating people to change when they hear bad news, vs. overwhelming people with bad news, creeating despair. Sadly just getting people to pay attention and accept the reality of climate change still requires a lot of work! However, your "climate sprint " is a genuinely hopeful message, that thankful only takes a small group of actors to achieve.

Pro Truth: A Practical Plan for Putting Truth Back into Politics,

A conversation worth having, the day before the election

By Tim Ward

Adapted from Pro Truth: A Practical Plan for Putting Truth Back into Politics, by Tim Ward and Gleb Tsipursky

Do you feel angry and disgusted when politicians lie, even those whose policies and ideology you otherwise support? Do you intuitively recognize the danger of lies in politics? Do you ever wonder why many of your fellow citizens give such politicians a pass, ignoring their deceit?

I hope you answered “yes” to these questions: Ido too. Some people care about the truth first and foremost, regardless of their personal…

Adapted from Pro Truth: A Practical Plan for Putting Truth Back into Politics, by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky and Tim Ward.

The president’s oratory style has been referred to as a “firehose of lying,” and that’s what we got in the first debate, delivered as a constant gush of heckling, interrupting and badgering. It was exhausting, even punishing to watch. I persisted. I told friends who texted me: “Tie yourself to the mast and force yourself to watch. Bear witness to this.”

For me it is important to listen closely to the kinds of lies Trump tells. I’ve just published a…

Photo by Carla Oliveira on Unsplash

I think I cracked a tough philosophical problem.

Philosophical Determinism is the idea that everything that happens has a cause, as if all parts of the universe were like a giant pool table, the balls bouncing off one another according to the laws of physics. Once set in motion, nothing can change the reactions that follow. This position is a central part of scientific reductionism, which seeks to explain behaviour of complex entities by reducing them to the actions of their component (and determined) parts. For example, a reductionist looking at cells would reduce their behaviors to the actions collections…

A New Series of Books to Build your Resilience

A group of authors has found a unique way to help others in the pandemic: While some people are stitching masks for health workers, donating to food pantries, or shopping for elderly neighbors, John Hunt Publishing (JHP) decided to marshal the wisdom of their best expert authors and create a series of short books focused on the practical, emotional, and psychological skills people need to survive the pandemic. …

A 73 -year-old American in Madrid tells it like it is.

Marsha Scarbrough (self portrait)

My friend, author Marsha Scarbrough, wrote this article, which I am publishing with her permission:

As I boot up my computer this morning, the Internet tells me that Coronavirus has taken more than 7,000 lives in Spain. I’m in my 16th day of lockdown in Madrid, the city hardest hit in the country. Although I feel fine, my thoughts turn toward death.

I think, “today is a good day to die.”

In my studies with Native American medicine teachers, this phrase was a touchstone offered to help us keep…

“Perhaps the universe is saying to us: ‘I want you to go to your room, and think about what you have done!’”

Covid-19 Coronoavirus: courtesy of CDC photo library

My friend shared this thought with me after taking one of the last flights from the USA to Canada before the border closed. She wanted to be with her aged parents who live in a small town near Toronto. Aware of their vulnerability to the virus, she checked herself into a motel near her parents’ home and has spent the past two weeks in isolation before moving in with them.

“I’ve had a lot of time to think…

Helping those who need it most during the conronavirus lockdown

Here’s an idea…

A financial advisor friend of mine sent this update to his clients last week:

“Yesterday, what got lost in the panic selling was the Federal Reserve’s announcement that $1.5T will be injected into the banking system…. this new money has to go somewhere…. 1) goods, 2) services and 3) assets. Do you think that over the next few months, we the people will consume more goods and services? Apparently not since we will all be hunkering down in our basements. The only place the new money can go is to…

If I’m a vector, I could be an infector

Several friends of mine have been discussing what to do with our various upcoming spring vacation travel plans in light of the coronavirus epidemic. Yesterday (March 11), I told them I was going ahead with a beach vacation trip — white sands, lapping waves, snorkelling — leaving in two days. I felt it was worth the slight risk.

This morning, I cancelled my air ticket. What changed my mind?

1. The World Health Orginazation just announced a global pandemic, and Washington D.C. just last night declared a state of emergency. I live on the D.C. border, in Montgomery County Maryland…

Tim Ward

Author, communications expert and publisher of Changemakers Books. Recent books: The Master Communicator’s Handbook; Resilience: Virtually Speaking.

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